The foundation is taking part in the Learning 2 Help project together with Caritas Foundation of Pescara, Italy, as part of the Erasmus program.

10.2022 – 05.2024


To expand the work and practice of involved organizations in the field of sensitizing young people with difficult backgrounds to the needs and problems of others and boosting the idea of voluntary youth work and social entrepreneurship.

Specific goals:

  • exchange of knowledge of partner organizations’ Staff
  • increase capacity of involved organizations
  • sensitizing young people
  • promoting volunteering and social entrepreneurship
  • boosting intercultural exchange


The project envisages the following activities:

  • Study visit people from Foundation "Przyjdź" in Pescara, combined with workshops and collecting materials for other products.
  • Designing and production of a "Learning2Help" comic book and website
  • Designing and production of educational videos
  • Designing and production of board game and large-scale game to promote volunteering and social entrepreneurship
  • Organization of awareness-raising event


In result, partner organizations will gain new materials and tools to expand and increase the quality of their practice in
sensitizing young people to other people's needs. The idea of voluntary work and social entrepreneurship will be spread around youth organizations, that will be also equipped with the supporting educational materials developed within the project. Project partners' staff will also have a chance to get experience in the implementation of international project.