It all began with an increasingly common thought in our heads about the activity in a non-governmental organization. In various walks of life we took part in social initiatives. We learned about people’s needs. We began to take notice what we should do, to help them.

In 2017 we initiated an informal group meeting in BIS (Bureau of Social Initiatives) in Cracow, to get together to think about concrete activities, which would connect our values and motivations. We decided to start a foundation, whose goal would be, amongst other things, socio-vocational activation of the disabled persons. „Come” Foundation was registered in November of 2018 with support of MOWES (Lesser Poland Support for Social Economy Centre).

The foundation is the fruit of our dreams about helping the socially excluded in building bonds with people, who wish to find their place in the local community. We support those, who for various reasons have social contact issues and difficulties finding a job. We invite people, who are escaping homelessness, are disabled or long-term unemployed.

The "Come" Foundation mission is implementing the calling: Show the people how good is God.

We would like that the foundation's activities reach out and meet human needs.

Our goal is to create a social economy enterprise, where people in risk of social exclusion will find employment. We want to create a place, where people who experienced the hard life, will find self-esteem, gain confidence and will feel safe.