The social enterprise concerns itself with production of unique on the national scale wooden objects. Thanks to laser technique our products feature unique shapes and patterns. Customised projects guarantee exceptional promotion of the city, local community, clubs, societies, museums, enterpreneurs, government or religious institutions. Our products can also become unique presents, souvenirs of important events, sightseeing locations and monuments.

Our offer:

  1. Wooden games of Memory type
  2. Boxes and booklets
  3. Wooden gadgets:
    wooden accessories for games (tokens, cards, engraved dice)
    holiday decorations
  4. Pictures in the wood
  5. Crest shields
  6. Engraving and cutting service

The prices are set on the individual basis. Valuation depends on supplied materials, project, type of realization and the size of order.

We invite you to personal or e-mail contact. We will answer any questions related to our products and services. We are flexible, we advise and send products tailored to your needs.

We invite you to cooperation. Anyone can be creative, and together we can more.

Institutions, which aim for specific orders and organize bids, in which thay can invoke social clause, allowing social economy entities to participate.