February 2022 - After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, our "Come" Foundation turned its efforts to help support refugees from Ukraine.

March 2022 - The priority was a place of refuge - a home. We rented a big house (3 floors) with a garden in Podgórze district of Krakow in order to host war refugees from Ukraine. To give them a roof over their heads, safety, to surround them with warmth and understanding, to create decent living conditions. Moreover, provide them with help in formalities and necessary registration.

A few people have managed to find shelter in the house, currently there are 16 people living there, they are small children, their mothers and grandparents. Some of them have been living in the house for a while and have already found their final destination.

We worked for two weeks to adapt the HOUSE to good conditions:

  • Equipment organization (the house was almost empty)
  • Housekeeping work (cleaning, washing)
  • Purchase of equipment and food
  • Coordinating the receipt of donations

The scope of work and pictures you can see at facebook or in the gallery.

That's the beginning, and the needs are growing.

The HOUSE will support residents to provide:

  • accommodation,
  • basic food
  • teaching Polish language
  • administrative and formal activities for mothers with children
  • job searching
  • coordination of assistance among families that receive refugees
  • small recreational activities, e.g. going to the zoo

What we need most at the moment is financial support to pay for the ongoing obligations of running the house, rent, utilities, food, cleaning supplies, etc.

The monthly cost of the home for providing comprehensive support is approximately PLN 2,000 per resident.

Every penny supports the even greater work of helping: HELPING TOGETHER!

Please send the payments to our account :

Fundacja „Przyjdź" ul. Węgierska 7, 30-535 Kraków, Polska
Account number: 53 1750 0012 0000 0000 4091 7338 Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas

With a note: statutory activities of the Foundation-Ukraine

Account in Euro (payments in Euro currency) :
Number IBAN
PL21 1600 1462 1079 5879 1000 0001
Help for Ukraine