In the second half of 2021, the Come Foundation took part in an educational competition organized by the Lesser Poland Voivodeship called "I love Poland", whose primary goal was to support the patriotic upbringing of children and youth and to shape the national pride of the young generation by arousing interest in the history of Poland among young people, with particular emphasis on Polish national symbols.

The project we proposed was called "My Poland" and concerned making packages of coats of arms of towns and communes submitted to the project in two copies, one for the commune office and the other for a chosen school from the commune/city area for purposes directly related to the education of children and young people.

The package included a large wall emblem of Poland, a wall commune coat of arms of approximately 20 cm in size, a standing coat of arms with the commune/city name of 15 cm in size, and 100 standing commune coats of arms of approximately 4 cm in size.

Out of 183 communes and towns in Lesser Poland to which an individual invitation was sent via e-mail. 30 entities applied.

We cooperated with: Raciechowice Municipality, Dobczyce Town and Municipality, Czernichów Municipality, Zator Town, Michałowice Municipality, Biskupice Municipality, Nowe Brzesko Town and Municipality, Gołcza Municipality, Dębno Municipality, Olkusz Town, Igołomia - Wawrzeńczyce Municipality, Szerzyny Municipality, Nowy Wiśnicz Town, Gdów Municipality, Libiąż Town, Szczawnica Town and Municipality, Maków Podhalański Town, Chełmiec Municipality, Brzeźnica Municipality, Bolesław Municipality (Olkusz county), Czarny Dunajec Municipality, Łapsze Niżne Municipality, Iwanowice Municipality, Limanowa Town, Gnojnik Municipality, Polanka Wielka Municipality, Szczurowa Municipality, Bolesław Municipality (Dąbrowa county), Łukowica Municipality, Stryszawa Municipality.

As part of the project, we conducted educational activities, including student games using a large-format game, in three selected schools located in the participating municipalities.

The games provided the students with broad knowledge about our country, incredible emotions accompanied by the great involvement of the whole community. Gaining valuable information with the use of many stimuli guaranteed good fun and effective memorization of the values conveyed.

Numerous thanks, opinions and references sent to us fully confirmed the validity of the initiative, gave guarantees of success and achieved project objectives.

The coats of arms were distributed among students on the occasion of patriotic holidays such as November 11 (Independence Day), the school patron's day or the school's anniversary. They also supported history lessons, patriotic lectures, became souvenirs, prizes in competitions or furnished classrooms and conference rooms.

Sample Crest Information Card

1 strona
2 strona
Sample Crest Set
Herb 20 cm (wysokość), do powieszenia
Herb 20cm (wysokość), do powieszenia
Herb 15cm (wysokość), z podstawką
Herb 5cm (wysokość), z podstawką
All the 30 crests

Projekt realizowany przy wsparciu finansowym Województwa Małopolskiego