Ladies and gentlemen, we present you our project "Polish Crests", which is designed to promote the towns and municipalities of Poland, among locals, as well as tourists.

The crests have educational, patriotic and historical value. They can serve as an original accessory on the occasion of important events, as well as ceremonies, organized in the town or municipality. They will fulfil their role as an extraordinary gift or prize. At your request a short note about the history and significance can be added to the crest . Our products feature high quality and originality.

We have the Prosocial Purchase certificate. We care about the highest quality in every area of our activity . From management, through customer service, to production.

Material : poligraphic print glued onto plywood, secured with foil.

Suggested dimensions:
Wall crest, about 8 inch (24 cm)
Standing crest, middle, about 3,5 inch (9 cm)
Standing crest, small, about 1,5 inch (4 cm)